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Fulfilling Your Grocery Needs Since 1985


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H&S Grocery (Klang) Sdn Bhd, also known as Ho Soon, is a wholesale grocer established since 1985 by Mr KH Tan and his spouse Mdm Sandra Lim. Prior to that, Mr Tan had been working as a Store Assistant at a grocery store in Banting for 11 years. After the market recession experienced in 1985, Mr Tan was hoping to seize the opportunity of economy recovery and opened his first grocery store, Ho Soon Trading in Klang. With consistent and excellent customer service, Ho Soon has soon built its great reputation in the grocery market. 

Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2020, H&S Grocery has always maintained its core principle: "Be Sincere, Be Fair". Besides offering a vast variety of grocery items at fair price, H&S Grocery also provides additional services such as delivery, returns and exchanges, and business consultation to small businesses. H&S Grocery is currently managed by Mr KH Tan and his two daughters, servicing hundreds of customers across Klang, Puchong, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam and Banting.


和顺有限公司成立于1985年,由陈奇华先生及其太太林鲜创立。在此之前,陈先生曾在万津一家杂货店担任商店助理长达11年。 1985年,经历了市场衰退后,陈先生想借此经济复苏的机会,并在巴生开设了他的第一家杂货店和顺贸易。凭借一贯出色的客户服务,和顺很快在食品杂货市场建立了良好的声誉。


成立35周年,和顺始终秉承其核心原则:真诚,公正。 除了以合理的价格提供各种杂货外,和顺也提供其他服务,例如送货,退货和换货以及为小型企业提供业务咨询。和顺目前由陈先生和他的两个女儿管理,为巴生,蒲种,莎阿南和万津的数百名客户提供服务。


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